Dear Bubbe and Avrom,

I have just spent most of this evening watching your videos of “Feed Me Bubbe” on my son’s computer. (They would take FOREVER to download on my webtv.) What an absolutely delightful and informative cooking show you have. Call me a new fan. You succeeded in making me excited about cooking again. I printed out several of your recipes to make next week. I have my 94 year old Dad living with me, and I think he will REALLY like the Jelly Jammies. (They are not just for kids any more.)

Some Jewish friends of mine have told me they ate jelly doughnuts during Hannukah. One was a friend named Phyllis Braverman. When I asked her why, she said, “Because they were fried in oil.” What that a part of your Hannukah tradition, too? (Phyllis grew up in Brooklyn, New York.) I’m sure there are a lot of variations on the traditions.

Thanks so much for your wonderful show. The videos and the website display great organization, useful information and great good will and cheer.


Your new fan in San Antonio, Texas
(I saw youall on ABC news last night and just HAD to explore the videos on your website.)

I have to say it was a thrill to receive your email. I never thought I would be doing this.  However, there have been so many emails from all over the world. It is unbelievable!

I’m grateful that I can provide a connection of traditional food and tastes, back to so many people.  Please watch our videos, and consider yourself part of the family.


About chalutzproductions

Chalutz is the hebrew word for pioneer and the name fits since the online broadcasting world is an experience which Podcasters and Vidcasters were pioneering at the time of our creation.

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