About the Show

Feed Me Bubbe highlights the wholesome family oriented productions which you expect from Chalutz Productions. The show is available all over the world including on JLTV (check your local listings for days and times). The show features, Bubbe and Avrom, as they share the taste, feelings and memories of being in Bubbe’s kitchen. As seen in ABC World News, The Wall Street Journal and featured in the PBS FRONTLINE movie entitled digital_nation. The Book based upon the show is a Mom’s Choice Award GOLD Recipient and declared Best Kosher Cookbook of 2011 by Jamie Geller’s JoyOfKosher.com

Bubbe and Avrom have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, ABC World News, The Boston Globe and a weekly show on JLTV.  After many requests from his Internet viewers, Avrom and Bubbe created a cookbook according to their requests.  He worked with his Bubbe to create just what they were looking for recipes, stories and memories that every person can relate to.  The book ended up on the Amazon Bestseller in the Kosher Category just from pre-orders.  Avrom is Owner and Operator of Chalutz Productions, the company which produces the International video sensation, Feed Me Bubbe.

About Bubbe

Bubbe the star of Feed Me Bubbe is known in her family for always cooking enough for an army.  Growing up her grandchildren would call her up on the phone to request her food even though their was perfectly good food in the house.  Using an opportunity to help her grandson Avrom, Bubbe allowed him to tape her signature dish Jelly Jammies.  What was only supposed to be a single episode ended up being seen by the world and before you knew it requests were flying in for Bubbe to make more episodes.  After considering all of the fans that may be out there that might need assistance in the kitchen Bubbe decided it would only make sense for her to make additional episodes.  As a result Bubbe has been able to share recipes with her family but helped bring back the tastes, feelings and memories to many viewers that were looking to bring Bubbe into their home.  Bubbe was supposed to be retired, and yet she has been featured in a movie, wrote a cookbook, and a television show on JLTV.

About Avrom

Avrom, attended Connecticut School of Broadcasting and the New York Media Experience Program where he interned at Al Roker Productions. While living in New York City at the 92nd Street Y, he got an inside view into how Hollywood works while working on various productions. Every night after work he would hang out at the 92nd Street Y theater, where he had the opportunity to watch various famous speakers. On completion of his internship with Al Roker, he spent time trying to find a job in New York. Knowing that he needed a resume demo reel, he used his videography skills to tape his grandmother cooking. Before he knew it his Bubbe was a star.

About Zadie

Zadie, the unsung hero of the team.  Better known as the Production Assistant of the show.  His job includes making sure the proper lighting is turned on, that nobody is coming to the door, the phone is off the hook, along with making sure that anything that might have been overlooked is addressed.  Without Zadie on the set everything would be even tougher.  He even makes random cameos on the show.  What many may not realize is that Zadie was the star of his own videos with a project from Carson Daly entitled It’s Your Show.  The show had a pilot developed but the show never made it on the air.  There was even the potential of Zadie wishing Carson Daly a happy New Years but due to timing that took place on that day the segment never aired.

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  1. ginarex says:

    I love your show and the recipes – I bought the book! It’s a beautiful thing you are doing. I hope you don’t mind I linked to you from my blog as well.

    • Don’t mind one bit. This is in a beta test right now before we move the whole site over to this. If we only knew then what we knew now we would not have made as many mistakes as we have made. But because of these mistakes it’s the only reason we now know what we know. Amazing how the world works like that.

  2. Sylvia A. Cureau says:

    Dear Bubbe,
    I live in Slidell, La. and I wake up at 2:30 A.M. Saturdays and Sundays to watch your show on JLTV. I love your show.
    I was not raised Jewish, BUT I have always felt a connection in the past. My great-grandmother was a Leider and was from Germany. A lot of the recipes you make are our family recipes. It is just that we call them different names. I enjoy your show so much because your recipes are simple and with everyday ingredients. Please continue because I need you since my Bubbe is no longer with me. And I love the Jewish Word of the Day.

  3. Wendy says:

    To help follow the recipes easier, have you thought about adding slow motion and marking it up different parts. It would help watching: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/embedplus-for-wordpress/

  4. PJ says:

    Your show is a wonderful tribute to your Bubbe. Thank you for sharing this with us, your online audience. I loved my girlfriend’s grandma’s cooking as a kid and you take me right back to that delightful New Jersey experience. My own Nana has passed on, so yours is a sweet substitute. I love the Yiddish words!

    • Thank you so much. When I first started on the internet many of my fans stated that there grandparents have passed away and asked if I would be there adopted grandmother. So I have been labeled the Bubbe, grandmother of the internet.

  5. Warren Volchenboum says:

    Bubbe, love you sooo much….my bubbe used to make an egg plant dish, now gone with the ages….perhaps you can resurrect. She would bake it, peal it, chop it, add vinegar, sour salts, white bread…what else? I remember her, hockmesser and all, preparing this dish, and it was used as a spread on white bread, oy, ah micheyeah. Ever heard of this one? HELP!

  6. Pat Karakashian says:

    love your show. I record it all the time. You are an inspiration to you

  7. Joseph Escarsiga says:

    Hello Bubbe, I love your show so much. I am Catholic and I have a deep interest in all aspects of life in the Holy Land including the food and cooking styles that have come from the Blessed Land of Israel. Can you do a show on how to make Challah? Love, Joseph Escarsiga

  8. Cla says:

    Bubbe, I love your warmth and the down to earth way you prepare meals in your kitchen. I remember many of your recipes from my childhood. I wasn’t raised Jewish, but I always suspected my father was Jewish. My father was a decorated veteran of WWII and was a POW with a Jewish surname, held with other Jewish soldiers. To say they were treated badly would be an understatement. Because of this and the anti-Semitism so prevalent in the 50’s and 60’s I think he preferred to openly identify with my mother’s family, Italian, and his own faith privately to keep me and my sibling from experiencing discrimination. I came across your show quite by accident. I am also a big fan of the Goldbergs sitcom and your show followed it one day and as I watched I was hooked. I have your show set on my DVR so I don’t miss any episodes. To me you are a treasure and help to fill the void left by my nana who passed on many, many years ago. I also love your Yiddish word of the day. Some years ago I started my own Yiddish dictionary because I was afraid the language would be a thing of the past and I wanted to preserve the history. So, for those words I don’t already have, I add them. Thank you Bubbe for all that you share.

  9. Gayle Delp says:

    I LOVE YOU BUBBE!! My grandma passed many years ago. Would you be my grandma? I love your show. I just started watching it and hope to see many more.

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