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ProjectReadOn states a goal to be at the forefront of the online video revolution by empowering people in the deaf and hard of hearing, and foreign language communities.  This is a very important cause and one that we take very seriously.  Please support them in any way that you can and let others that may need the service know that they are available.

Tremor Media

Thank you to all the support from the team over at Tremor Media for providing advertising for our programs.  Also a big thank you for the help of launching our present website.

Shalom Magazine

Home of Bubbe’s Ask Bubbe Column. An open publication that can reach anyone who wants to connect to his/her community, to Israel and to his/her Judaism. You can read the column on Shalom Magazine’s website located at

The Bible Raps Project

The Bible Raps Project is a new initiative aimed at exciting young Jewish students about Judaism, Jewish Heritage, and Jewish texts.  Built around a series of raps that draw on texts from the Bible and Midrash, the Bible Raps Project will resonate with Jewish youth in a way that traditional media cannot by fusing rap music, this generation’s most powerful mode of cultural communication, with Jewish discourse.

Purchase his latest album by searching for “bible raps” on iTunes.

Jewish Virtual Library

AICE is a nonprofit educational organization based in Maryland. Our Jewish Virtual Library ( is the world’s most comprehensive Jewish cyber encyclopedia with more than 20,000 entries covering everything from anti-Semitism to Zionism. We average more than 16 million hits/month.

Friday Light

A great website for those who wish to learn more about lighting of the candles at the beginning of the sabbath. Receive a FREE candle lighting starter kit from there website!


Yideoz is the hot new Jewish online video sharing community. Watch and upload videos, share your videos with friends and family, join groups and more.

Shamash: The Jewish Network

Shamash is the oldest and best known Jewishly oriented service accessible through the Internet. Shamash serves the full spectrum of Jewish religious, educational, cultural, communal, and social service organizations interested in utilizing new electronic technologies to share information and deliver services to the Jewish community worldwide.

Shamash is a project of Hebrew College Online which is also the home of Hebrew College’s On Line Courses.


Blubrry is a social podcasting community that connects podcast producers, advertisers and everyone looking for great independently produced content.  They have started with us from the start and is always a welcome member of the community.

One Minute How To

Thank you to George and everyone on his team that allowed us to have our first online interview.  From time to time we love dropping on by and leaving a one minute tip on One Minute How To.  George is a pleasure to work with.

Thank you to for all you have done for the podcasting community.  It really shows what happens when someone cares for the industry.


Well if it wasn’t for YouTube then we would have never had our start.  We owe a whole lot for allowing us to get to the fan base that we have today.

Noam Hassenfeld

Noam is an amazing guest composer for the show.  He writes mostly electronica and experimental modern music.  If you would like to hire him for one of your productions or to make you a custom ringtone for you or a special someone please email your proposal to

Jeff Pulver and Chris Brogan

Two wonderful supporters in the podcasting community.  They supported us and gave us the confidence when we started.  It is great to have mentors like Jeff and Chris around.

All others!

There may have been people we have left out and we apologize.  Please leave a comment below and we will do our best to make appropriate changes but just know that we appreciate every single one of you that have helped guide our mission.  Every little thing you have done have made this show great and many many people have been guided and helped by this process.  A big round of applause and a thank you to all.

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