Article Title: Raging Titter Radio Episode 12 (Means And Meanings)


“You know what else I want to talk about is.. Feed… Me… Bubbe…

Feed Me Bubbe is a… fan-tas-tic… is a fantastic video podcast. Umm… starring Avrom and Bubbe.

And what they do is show you how to make traditional Jewish dishes.

And you know what, there easy, and I think it’s important to know how to feed yourself.

Because I think many of us, I’m not including myself, although I do fall victim to the… uh… convenience of certain foods but not enough of us know how to feed ourselves… properly.

You know, eh… and food is getting more and more expensive, and yet we can make the most delicious things with very simple ingredients, thanks to Avrom and Bubbe.

Um… you can find Feed Me Bubbe at they’ll be links in the shownotes. You can also find Feed Me Bubbe at… you can find it on youtube, find it on revver, you can find it by going to my freinds on myspace on the Raging Titter Myspace and clicking on thier link, or thier profile.

Anyway, Feed Me Bubbe, absolutely fantastic. I actually made the latkes the other day although the did not look as good as Bubbe’s latkes they… they were delicious and I did eat them for like a week.

So oh my god microphone.

I did eat them for about a week so… you know basically I took an onion and a…. what I had left of a sack of potatoes, and some flour, I think that was it. Salt pepper, oil, you know to fry them. And bang, delicious latkes, ate em all week, uh felt nourished, that’s whats missing sometimes, that feeling of nourishment.

Anyway um… I was conversing with Avrom the other day, and he assured me that there would be a new Feed Me Bubbe… very very… that a new one was imminent.

And I personally can’t wait to see what, uh what they come up with. There’s a basic thing that you don’t get back to enough… feeding yourself. Preparing and consuming food that you prepare.

Everybody says [in different voice] I don’t have time. [end of voice] really, but you do have time to shorten your lifespan by shoving a bunch of CR@P in your body… ok. It’s good to know. You won’t be missed, just had to say…

Feed Me Bubbe check them out.”

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Chalutz is the hebrew word for pioneer and the name fits since the online broadcasting world is an experience which Podcasters and Vidcasters were pioneering at the time of our creation.

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