Yeast-risen pastries for Purim

While the obvious choice might be hamantashen, there are other options.

There is something special about yeast-leavened pastries, or, in Hebrew, ugot shmarim.

Halfway between pastry and bread, their aroma, taste and tender texture make them hard to resist, whether for breakfast with coffee or for afternoon tea. Indeed, when I visit a pastry shop, yeast cakes usually tempt me more than heavily frosted layer cakes or gooey, sticky cupcakes.

If you want to make yeast-risen pastries for Purim, the obvious choice might be hamantashen. Bubbe, called “America’s Favorite Online Grandmother,” writes in Feed Me Bubbe (with Avrom Honig), “Sometimes hamantaschen are made with regular cookie dough. I think they are so much better when made the traditional way, with a yeast dough.”

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