Best of Kosher New Cookbook Winner – Feed Me Bubbe

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Feed Me Bubbe – Recipes and wisdom from America’s favorite online grandmother – published September 2011 is not just another cookbook.  This book takes you into Bubbe’s kitchen based on the online cooking show by Bubbe and Avrom Honig.  It includes a Yiddish word of the day, stories and words of encouragement to make you feel like you are with your Bubbe.  Feed Me Bubbe was voted as the Best New Kosher Cookbook in our Best of Kosher Awards.  Let’s find out more.

How did Feed Me Bubbe come to be?

At the time, Avrom was looking for a job after interning with Al Roker Productions.  He needed a demo reel which is the same as saying a video resume.  After a conversation with his father Avrom called up Bubbe and the first episode of Feed Me Bubbe was born.  Imagine our surprise to receive emails from viewers all over the world.  What was only supposed to be one episode, all of a sudden, became many more as we received many requests.  And so we decided to honor the requests.  We found our viewers are of various ages and had little confidence in being successful making meals at home.  They needed encouragement to keep trying and make recipes that would taste good, be healthy, and nourishing according to today’s lifestyle.

We even received emails from many viewers asking if Bubbe would adopt them.  They said it was very comforting to watch the videos as it reminded them of their own grandmother.  After reading the requests from many of our viewers we found that they needed the encouragement to make home cooked meals.  They wanted holiday, traditional, modern, as well as cultural recipes without spending hours cooking using easy available ingredients of today’s lifestyle.  Before you know it Bubbe’s cooking videos became a production known all over the world by both a Jewish and non-Jewish audiences.

Why do you think you won Best of Kosher?

It just goes to show you how incredible our devoted audience is.  First of all, we didn’t even know that we were nominated until we heard from a fan about it.  Once word had gotten out we heard that our audience was having Feed Me Bubbe video viewing gatherings and at Chanukah parties where they told others about the voting and as a result word spread quickly.  In addition Avrom spent time going to various locations with the book and introduced Bubbe to an audience that had never seen the show.  After viewing an episode they couldn’t help but put in a vote.  Through the incredible effort and dedication of our viewers and fans of the Feed Me Bubbe cooking experience we received votes to win this prestigious award.

What are your plans for the coming year?

Now that we have finished writing the cookbook we need to get back to what made us great in the first place.  Our audience wants more video episodes on our website and on TV on JLTV.  They even have requested that we eventually have a DVD.  We are going to work hard to be able to make that dream a reality.  In addition we plan to continue to develop the Bubbe Feeds Hunger Campaign through Mazon so that our audience can continue to help in the fight against hunger all over the world.

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